The active hotspots on the image are for the purpose to go through the flow of purchasing a pair of tickets for a show[Selfie] at the Young People’s Theatre.
For this project after analysing the original flow in YPT’s website and finding it a little frustrating and confusing for some of the users during the research stage.
We had to revamp the site and come up with a better flow to buy a ticket from the YPT. It had to be mobile-friendly and simplify the task.
This is the mood board I based my project on. I wanted neutral colours for the interaction since YPT’s logo is already full of colour. I took a shade of blue to keep consistent my CTA’s during the experience.
This is how I traced the initial task flow, It had a few changes during the creation of the wireframes and finally for the UI stage.
Scroll down the screen image and interact with the Prototype. Keep in mind the only hot spot available are for the purpose on buying a pair of seats. the rest of the screen are still in the works.

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